5 ways to lose weight guaranteed to improve your Relationship.

As we grow older we start gaining weight. At first we barely notice it, until our distant friend we only see after a while points it out.  You feel we have control over it . You convince ourselves it not that bad .That you will find time to do something about it soon. Days pass by . Somehow life keeps you busy.Soon months pass by .5 ways to lose weight guaranteed to improve your Relationship.

Wake up Call

One day we have an argument with our partner ,you are forced to have an introspection. Only then is when we notice. We have gained so much weight! This when you ask yourself “when did this happen? “.You start feeling like you are not attractive anymore.These are my 5 ways to lose weight guaranteed to improve your relationship .This will help you start feeling sexy again.

5 ways to lose weight guaranteed to improve your relationship

  1. Avoid Carbs – This is probably the hardest thing to do .I guarantee you your sacrifice will not go unnoticed  .When you consume carbs ,they are processed by your metabolism either into making energy . If your metabolism is low they are stored. Before they are stored they are turned into fat . In layman’s terms you are directly eating fat ,if you are eating carbs without exercise. Lower your carb intake. This means Instead of having a full donut have a cup of brown rice.Brown rice has lower carb content and more fibre.
  2. Exercise – Well this you probably have heard about it. But what they did not tell you is that exercise does not just affect your weight but also your mood. If you have exercised before and did not lose a single gram of weight, do not give up. Soon you will start seeing results and you will love it, as it will improve your overall mood.
  3.  More Sex – Okay this sounds like something you would hear from a person trying to take advantage of you and sleep with you. But to answer your how “how sway?” would sex help me lose weight. You have to understand what sex does to your body .Whenever you have sex. Sex hormones are released . These hormones are good for your mood .Despite you not moving an inch during sex ,these hormones will help your brain condition itself for losing weight . Besides Sex is an exercise. This will surely improve your relationship .
  4. Eat More Meat “Protein” – Protein is a macro nutrient essential for building muscles .That is why you see a lot of body builders if not all of them take some sort of protein supplement. Eating eggs , Oats , Protein shake for breakfast can help you shed a couple of pounds as protein helps curb appetite .High intake of protein boosts metabolism . It helps burn calories even during sleep.
  5. Stay away from refined foods– Soda, Candy, Ice-cream, and refined Carbs. Basically if it has been processed its likely to contain sugars or sodium “salts” in it . Stay away from it. Chances are if you have gained weight, it is because of consuming refined foods.

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