My Journey- Weight Loss Diet and Supplement: The Keto Plan

Often times I am asked how I managed to lose so much weight in a short space of time. This is a question I enjoy answering the most. This is because my weight loss journey was so rocky and finally finding something that really worked felt like a miracle. The best weight loss diet and supplement: The Keto plan.

My Journey

 I had struggled with my weight ever since I was a teenager i stayed away from cameras . Never in my life had I looked my age. People always assumed I was older. I didn’t find it okay until i let it be . My greatest failure did not come from lack of will; it came from lack of result, lack of sustainability. I read and watched videos on how best to lose weight. I mean sometimes they would give you weight loss diet plans that barely worked. But they were still the hardest to stick to. Felt like I was paying for a crime I didn’t commit. I hit rock bottom when my weight almost cost me my marriage. Really wanted to keep my man happy .I wanted to be happy too.

My goals shifted from anything to do with career or money. For me the perfect body and staying fit was the real deal now. I had been on a supplement and faithfully exercising for 5 months when I came across the working regime. The ketogenic diet and keto supplements from Amazon. The weight I failed to lose in 5 months easily shed off in 3 weeks. That is. I moved from losing 15 pounds in 5 months to losing almost double in 3 weeks. I lost a perfect 28! Amazing right! So I can safely say this is the best way to burn stubborn fat. I loved the keto diet plan because it gave me the chance to eat what I enjoyed and still stay in shape. I followed the diet religiously and took keto supplements You can get it on Amazon here

What Is Ketosis?

This is a physiological state characterised by high levels of ketones in the body due to glucose deprivation. We reach this metabolic state when we are on a low carb diet or during fasting. Our body then resorts to fat as a fuel source. The liver will convert fat to ketone bodies which we will use for energy. This is how the body then automatically shifts to burning body fat when we are on ketosis.

Keto Diet Plan and Supplement

I decided to talk about the supplements before I get into the details about the Keto diet . This is because they made the impossible, possible in my weight loss journey. They say it naturally takes days to get into ketosis but with the help of keto supplements I kicked off right away. Despite having very light meals , I never felt hungry. My appetite was extremely suppressed sometimes I even forgot to eat when I was extremely busy. Thus I lost weight fast. Without supplements, the problem is it’s hard to stay in ketosis. One snack and a single light cheat meal is all it takes to kick you out of ketosis. Not to mention it takes days to get back on.

How They Work

Although it’s not a rule of thumb, keto pills come with a variety of ingredients and the most basic found in most is the beta hydroxybutyrate, BHB salt. Coupled with sodium and or magnesium. Generally the BHB keto pills are responsible for pushing you into a state of ketosis faster. The make your body rely on fats for energy. That is how one lose weight .   Also these salts which are electrolytes, pump energy into your blood stream. Explains why despite eating less, you will still feel alright.

Types Of Keto Pills

Endogenous vs. exogenous.

I won’t talk much on endogenous supplements because these are close to nonexistent. They are made completely of natural products.

Exogenous on the other hand are partially artificial yet 100% efficient. The word suggests they are created externally. This should not worry you. All the ingredients used by most of the trusted manufacturers and friendly and 100% safe for consumption. The BHB found in keto pills is normally found in the body however in minimal amounts. Taking the supplement will therefore boost their level faster than the conventional Keto Plan . They have a stimulating effect on leptin production by fat cells which suppress appetite. Also, they have a suppressing effect on the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin. These are the hunger controlling hormones and these supplements play with them too.

Salts vs. Easters

You can find Exogenous keto pills as salts or esters. Salts are more common and taste better. Easters on are more bitter. But they work faster. Easters are said to be the purest form of ketones thus the reason they are stronger in taste and in effect. Also they have a stronger hormone suppressing effect than salts. The downside to the esters is ,they might upset the stomach due to their strength. Moreover, they are more expensive thus people eventually resort to BHB salts. Well in my opinion the difference in efficiency is only significant at first but in the long run I would pick salts over esters. They work just fine in aiding significant weight loss.

 What to consider when picking the keto pill to use.

Manufacturer: ignoring the manufacturers making these supplements would be too good to be true. Go with the reputable manufacturer. Sometimes cheap is expensive so don’t ignore the manufacturer when in pursuit for cheap options.

Ingredients:  An important tip will be to avoid those with a lot of fillers that focus on tasting good more than the goal. Weight loss!

Frequently Asked Questions On Keto Pills

How long does it take before keto pills start working: It’s a matter of hours before they kick you into ketosis and that is the fat burning process has just begun. However they act as aid so do not neglect the keto diet. Stick to it as you should and in 7 days you will have lost significant weight. When I say significant I mean noticeable.

What are the side effects : upsetting the stomach in the first days especially for those who are sensitive. During the first trials you may also expect keto flue, dizziness and fatigue. However it disappears in a couple of days after that it is replaced buy a new burst of focus and motivation.

Which type exactly should I use for maximum results; link

Do they actually work in burning fat: they are extremely effective but not on their own. Stick to the diet for maximum results. They don’t actually burn fat themselves but the switch you to the metabolic process which does easily.

The Keto Diet

In short a keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet. Doesn’t only help you lose weight it has been proven to have a lot of health benefits against chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer too. Basically it means replacing carbs with fat. This will get your body into ketosis as well as massively reduce one’s levels of sugar and insulin.

It is so surprising this keto diet works way much better than the usually recommended low calorie-low fat diet. This is because it promotes the production of ketones and leaves room for more protein intake.

Something to note, which is a benefit of keto diet, is that you won’t have to stick to one specific plan. There are about 5 different weight loss diet plans you can rotate. This adds on to its sustainability.

Types of keto diet plans

  1. Standard keto diet – this is very high fat 75%, moderate protein 20 % and very low carbs 5%
  2. Targeted keto diet – leaves room for carbs around workout times.
  3. Cyclic keto diet – is 5 strictly ketogenic days with close to zero carbs followed by 2 high carbs days ( cheat days). Only when you use with keto supplements
  4. High protein keto diet – its keto with more protein, about 40%

However one is more efficient more than the others in weight loss. Other Keto Diets plans are used mostly by those who want to do both. That is losing weight and building muscle. Which was my plan didn’t want to be slim with no hips and glut. So I tried them all along with exercising accordingly.

What to eat on a keto diet

  • Go meaty – ham bacon grass beef fatty fish and skinless chicken and rarely pork.
  • For oils and fat use – coconut oil avocado oil butter virgin olive oil and rarely heavy cream
  • Cheese – unprocessed cheese cheddar, blue, mozzarella goat
  • Vegetables – green vegetables especially spinach tomatoes asp gurus celery avocados
  • Seeds and nuts – walnuts flax seeds almonds chia seeds pumpkin seeds
  • Sweeteners – erythritol ,stevia and xylitol
  • Eggs – suit yourself on how you make them.

A Sample Keto Meal Plan For 7 days

To save you from eating monotonously and giving up soon, this is one of the many suggestions we have for you on how to get started.


  • Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs on a bed of lettuce topped with tomatoes.
  • Lunch: grass fed Asian beef with feta cheese.
  • Dinner: grilled salmon along buttered asparagus.


  • Breakfast: avocado, basil and goat cheese omelette.
  • Lunch: pork chop with spinach salad
  •  Dinner: pesto chicken casserole, cheddar cheese and cauliflower mash.


  • Breakfast: A ketogenic milkshake or almond milk
  • Lunch: tuna salad with cheese rollups.
  • Dinner: meatballs with broccoli and salad.


  • Breakfast: hard boiled with tomatoes, salsa, peppers, onion and spices.
  • Lunch: roast beef with red cabbage slaw.
  • Dinner: keto meat pie


  • Breakfast: Sugar-free yogurt, bulletproof coffee with butter and coconut oil.
  • Lunch: Meatballs on a bed of zucchini noodles with (optional) cream sauce topping.
  • Dinner: keto carbonara


  • Breakfast:  Bun-less burger with ham, scrambled egg and cheese.
  • Lunch: smoothie from almond milk with nuts.
  • Dinner: fatty fish, with mushroom omelette.


  • Breakfast: keto pan cakes with berries and whipped cream.
  • Lunch: plain Greek yoghurt topped with plain pecans.
  • Dinner: keto pizza

Signs That You Are On Ketosis

Before noticing any obvious weight loss or getting on a scale, people usually seek confirmation on whether it’s working. The added advantage about this keto plan is it gives you that.

  1. Bad breath. – when ketones are produced by the body, they exit either by breath or urine. A type of ketone called acetone produces the odor. Sometimes ones breath can be described as sweet or fruity. There is no known remedy for this but it can be easily reified by scented unsweetened gum or brushing teeth regularly.
  • Increased ketones – when one is in nutritional ketosis there are increased levels of  ketones in blood, normally 0.3-5mmol/L. There are home test kits that can be used and they are found online.  Less reliable can be the ketone urine dipstick as well as well as breath analyzers.
  • Thirst – during ketosis, there is water loss and an increased electrolyte imbalance. This leads to an increased sensation of thirst as a side effect. It is highly recommended to drink lots of water when are on keto . Further complications can lead to kidney stones and one should visit a doctor if thirst persists.
  • Headaches and fatigue – this is an early sign that occurs when one switches to a keto diet. This is due to a decreased intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Also coupled with dehydration mentioned earlier on. Normally headaches and fatigue are experienced from the third day. For some may persist for a week. If you experience pain for longer, consider visiting a physician.
  • Muscle cramps is when the body loses water. Electrolyte imbalance occurs . These electrolytes when in their right quantities are the ones that send signals responsible for muscle contractions. An imbalance will cause uncontrolled disrupted electrical messages that are interpreted as cramps or spasms. This should not worry you much. Eat a balanced diet with all these electrolytes or simply take supplements for these.
  • Changes in sleep – some but definitely not all people may experience changes in their sleep pattern. Usually people complain of insomnia and or night-time waking. Do not worry . In a few days it usually disappears.
  • Better focus and concentration – this usually comes after the period of fatigue and weakness. This is because the human brain loves ketones and utilizes them quite well. Studies suggest that ketogenic diet will improve alertness and focus. Overaly your cognitive function is improved . Some say it provides neuroprotective effects.

More advantages of the keto diet

Besides its use in weight loss, the keto diet has a number of health benefits. Doesn’t necessarily cure but improves living and is therefore a way of treatment for some conditions. Although some of the studies are not yet conclusive, it is worth mention. The list of some of these conditions include

  • Heart disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain injuries
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Poly cystic ovary syndrome.

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