Specifics on how to keep your man happy

When I was a little younger

When I was a little younger, I fell in love with a smilingly amazing guy. For a moment everything was perfect and I was just in love. He would always check on me, and made it his point to make me realize I was wanted. At that point I never stressed about or tried to ponder on specifics on how to keep a man happy. There was no need because he was clearly happy and I was too. It was only when things started to fall apart that I felt the need.  However it was too late, I failed to resuscitate the dying relationship.

The good that came

The good that came in the bad has been the best tool I have had in all the affairs that followed. Because I know the specifics on how to keep my man happy, I’m always the one who will have to call it quits. Well when I feel the need. Men became prey. However this only works on a man that is already genuinely into you.  A guy that loves you, gives you all the attention that you need and makes you feel special is worth keeping.  If he makes you feel all that then why not go all out to keep him..in your life and in your pants.

Know your man

This means you will understand your guy’s moods. You will know how best to handle him when he is acting in a certain way.  There is nothing more comforting and heart-warming like a woman who knows exactly what you want and when you want it. Don’t let him verbalize everything he needs. Guess it correct and he will appreciate you a lot.Specifics on how to keep your man happy.

Be Supportive

Be the reason your man makes so much progress in his life. Support his goal and encourage him often. Believe in his dreams and make him feel like he can conquer the world. Take interest in what your man does and make him trust your opinion. Moreover, you should also push him.  Especially when he is feeling lazy or running dry on motivation. Also give him some level of respect. Allow him some responsible control.Specifics on how to keep your man happy.

Give him space

Make it your point not to come across as too needy or clingy. This will be mistaken for desperation. Actually it could be. You don’t have to be spending all days and night with him. It’s okay to give him space so he can be with his guy friends, and other circles. Furthermore, don’t be overprotective of him. He is a grown man, he can take care of himself.  When he wants a bit of air, let him have it. It is also important to take note of your insecurities and don’t let them get in your way. However be careful, not to get cheated on in the name of space, ignored for no reason. Know the difference. Specifics on how to keep your man happy.

Keep it fresh. Keep it sexy

If I was I a guy, I would consider an adventurous girl sexy.  Do not be boring or traditional. It’s OK to be suggestive, don’t let him take the lead all the time. Some girls are mistaken to think only guys should treat girls. That’s absolute nonsense. Buy him staff here and there and take him out on dates. Just be spontaneous. Especially in bed. Fuck him like his hooker. Do it well that he won’t feel the need to get it elsewhere. Know what turns him on and work with that. Have some sexual habits and language only unique to you. Stay seductive.Specifics on how to keep your man happy.

Invest in you. Be worth the stay

I’m sure it is such a turnoff to have a beautiful well dressed lady with an empty head. Intelligence is attractive. Make an effort not to be labelled as shallow. Have some substance. At the end of the day, it’s no use being good in bed ,pretty and not clingy but stupid. I would rather be this than the rest. Be confident in who you are and what you want. Don’t be his door step mate, that wont earn you points. Also learn to express yourself, have a voice. Having an identity is essential. What’s the use, knowing all there is on the specifics on how to keep my men happy when you have lost yourself.Specifics on how to keep your man content.

Be his home

Make him feel comfortable around you in every way. Do as much as you can together. Hang out, cook, share food etc. Keep it natural. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Know his circles, thus friends and family and be comfortable with them too. Just be best friends.Specifics on how to keep your man happy.