Understanding Women

The common assumption

Most men have reached the conclusion that women are complicated. But honestly the fault rests on their lack of understanding. I would dispute with the notion that women are harder to understand than men. The complexities of their characters doesn’t base on their gender. Thus its only because they are human. For every complicated woman in this population, there is a complicated man also. Understanding women is a skill that is equated to understanding people.Most asked question by men ,”Understanding Women ,how do i understand my girlfriend?”


However women have a higher level of emotional intensity. Something men will misinterpret as being complicated. If I was a man, I would call that the strength of their weakness. For players its a weakness, because they’ll leave them broken. But for genuine, decent men, its a strength that will build families. Generally women easily connect in circles and society. It is because they are more open to relating, to taking opinions and to giving some also. Approval is something they seek. This is because they have a greater feeling of wanting to belong.

Eyes on her

If you are trying to turn your crush into your lover, give them attention. Females love being noticed by the people who matter to them. They can dress good, get a thousand compliments from random people. Despite, they will strongly desire a certain compliment from a specified individual. Only that will give them the desired feeling. They value the opinion from people they love. They can easily decide their favorite dress because, their significant other thinks they look so sexy in it. Even if they don’t.

Add value

Behind every successful man is a strong intelligent woman. So they say. This is because women are willing to forgo their initial plans to play a merely supportive role. That is why it is important to note this. Take interest in their development. If its easy for them to let go of their dreams, it will be a big deal if u don’t let them. Ask them and get to know their aspirations goals and desires. Push them to it this will bring me to the next point.


The good listeners earn more points with them. Understanding women comes with a lot of active listening. Let them express themselves and create a safe comfortable space in which they can. This is a big deal for them. Women love to communicate. About everything. Ask for their opinion even in hypothetical situations to get a general idea of how they think. Once they start rolling out, they do till there is nothing left hidden.


Women love harder and they care more. Because they give these in perfect quantities they usually desire them in perfect quantities too. Its easier for a female to commit and give all for a relationship and for family. If what they are giving is reciprocated then you have won their heart too.When women give themselves to something, they usually go all out like if they decide to lose weight


women are different . Just because you understood one do not mean you will understand the next

However with all this in mind, take women as individuals. In conclusion. don’t treat all women like the same person. Thus they are different. They can all be hard lovers but they will express it differently and want it given in different ways too. So just because you have done so well with one female, won’t mean you will with all of them. Understanding women will need you to be realistic on different personality traits.For example,men do not understand women as a result they end up cheating understanding Women ” how do i understand my girlfriend?”


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